Book a Strategy Session

Are you a small business owner operating solo or with a tiny team? You want GROWTH and have zero idea how to make it happen?

Are you worried you might be missing something with your brand and marketing strategy? Or you DON’T HAVE A BRAND & MARKETING STRATEGY? (no worries, sooo many small business owners don’t stop the hamster wheel to create a strategy. By doing so you set yourself apart for success. Go you!)

Do you have a tight budget and, although you know you need to hire help, you can’t afford marketing and branding help?

Is focus and prioritizing what’s the NEXT THING to spend your time on impossible to decide? Darn squirrels seem to be everywhere?

I highly recommend Janel’s marketing strategy offering. From the initial questionnaire to the final delivery, I was impressed with Janel’s understanding and marketing suggestions. She took the time to get to know me, my goals (personal and business) and helped devise an actionable plan that fits within my priorities and business style. I love how she focused on my strengths and offered suggestions for improvement in some of my weaker areas. The action steps she suggested are amazing and I’m already seeing results from my investment. I highly recommend Janel to anyone who is serious about growing their business.”
— Kim from Fresh Impact Marketing


No really, YOU NEED ME!

Give me just 3 hours of your time for a strategy session to work through the goals for your business and how to achieve them.

I will help you:

  1. Determine what social media to focus on to get the most profit and growth.

  2. Look for current marketing wins that you can exploit and expand on (do more of what’s working!).

  3. Weed out the unnecessary marketing work that isn’t growing your message and profits so you can focus on what’s working.

  4. Help find new, efficient ways to reach your clients/customers WHERE THEY ARE so that they are ASKING YOU TO TAKE YOUR MONEY.

  5. Talk through and strategize how to take your business from A to Z and break down the steps in bite-sized goals.

  6. Whatever YOU NEED to help move forward toward the business you want. Every client is different and every strategy takes twists and turns. Helping you love your business AND see profit is my goal. Marketing and branding is my specialty and I get crazy excited when I can use my skills to help you!

“Janel helped me understand how to make my marketing simpler and more effective. She recommended small changes that were easy to implement and made a big impact. I am really glad to have her insight and expertise.”
— Laura