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Masterclass or Lite.

The Masterclass will take you through my start to finish process of finding brands to work with, pitching, getting contracts, and turning the relationship into long-term partnerships.

The LITE version is perfect for newer or smaller bloggers looking to simply understand how to create content that brands love. Perfect for working with influencer networks.


You have discovered one of the secrets to making money via online content creation: brand work! But knowing this secret is only the start of your journey. You still need to learn the ins-and-outs of working with brands. Hundreds of details can trip you up, including brand contracts, sponsorship legalities, SEO requirements, photo selection, copy specifications, and deadlines. Oh, and of course; how do you get brands to notice you?!

This course is designed to get you started towards long-term relationships with people who can keep the brand work coming your way, and the tips and tricks to get those brands to stay.

Sounds daunting, right? It should. There's a lot to know and a lot to do. But we'll take it a little at a time. I'll be honest with you about where you're at and what needs to change.

And I'll push you to just start doing it!

Course Includes:

  • How to set up a brand-friendly site
  • How to choose who to work with
  • How to create quality brand content
  • Using your strengths
  • Passing the exclusion test


Learn how to make your blog and messaging brand friendly, how to attract and pitch the brands YOU want, how to create content that brands will love, and how to turn one-time jobs into long-term sponsorships. And more and more and more!!


Plans for getting your site ready for brand work, creating posts that brands will love, and wooing brands for long-term work. And more and more and more.


Learning and planning don't matter at all unless you do stuff!!! You'll practice pitching brands, taking photographs brands will love, writing creative content with brands front and center, and critiquing others' brand work. This is an action masterclass and DO is our main message.