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You need honest, straight-forward, help navigating the moving parts of starting, growing,and monetizing your blog. I know how overwhelming all of the available information can be and want to give you straight-forward help weeding through what you NEED to know right now versus what you need to know later. As in, after you get through this next bit in your blogging journey. 

I do NOT want you watching any video that is beyond the next step of your blogging journey. Don't do it.
IF you don't know what your next step is, where you should even start learning, and your brain is whirling a million miles a minute with all of the possibilities, start at the very first video. 

You will find invaluable information within each of these videos. Little nuggets of info, resources, and emotional help that will speak to where you are in your blog and what your next steps should be. Consume these videos bit by bit. Watch, think, implement. Repeat. Watch the next video.

Always implement. Stop planning and learning and DO the video's action plans. 

Stop!!! Listen.

Start here. This video is the essential piece that ties everything in a successful blog together. Listen, absorb, and practice everything in this video. Not even joking. Do it!

All the Questions

Basic questions and simple answers to the questions I get asked the most by beginning bloggers. You may know alot of this but it is most likely a great refresher!
Newbie bloggers: a must watch.

common pitfalls

Just as important as tips, tricks, and advice is what NOT to do. These are the 4 fastest ways to shutting down your blog, not making money, and wishing you could crawl in a hole and get your time and money back.