Should you work with Influencer Networks?

Influencer Networks. Should you? How to start. Best Practices.

Yes you should. Bloggers just starting in influencer marketing will find that working with the networks  is an efficient way to start working with brands without alot of fuss and muss.


  • The network deals with the communication (which can be extensive! As I write this I have 67 e-mails of communication with a current brand--67!) and gives you the necessary info.
  • You can focus on learning the basics of content creation, proper disclosures, and tagging/hashtags and let the network take care of the rest.
  • Usually more opportunities and campaigns. These networks are used often by brands and have continuous campaigns.
  • Almost all of the networks pay their influencers promptly. You don't have to invoice or worry about collecting money.
  • The contracts are taken care of. They have that ready for you. Yay!


  • Usually the pay is quite less. It's fair, they are getting a broker fee, essentially.
  • You often are required to be a bit more "spammy" than you would like, if you aren't careful.
  • Most of the work are "one-off" posts. Very rarely do you gain long-term partnerships.

Obviously there are more benefits and cons depending on whom you talk to but, I feel these are the major ones. And for those new to influencer marketing, getting started with networks like Blog Meets Brand, IZEA, and CleverGirls is a must do to start working in the influencer marketing world.

Be careful, though, to only work with campaigns that are true to your messaging! That, my friends, is the key to long-term work and being proud of your work (more on that next week!).

Starting in an influencer network is as simple as signing up and filling out your profile.
Be sure to fully fill out your profile, be honest about your skills, and take every opportunity to show off successful posts, you have had.

The best practices for working within a network are the same as doing any influencer work, at all.
Do your best work.
Follow the rules.
Hit deadlines early.
Remember there are people on the other end that are reporting to others.

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