Why should brands care about YOUR BLOG?

It seems like such an easy thing, but I find this to be the absolute most difficult question most bloggers have. Myself included. Many of us can speak to our great recipes, frugal living tips, or parenting help. All good stuff, don’t misunderstand me. But those are your WHAT that you do.

Practical dinner recipes, budgeting worksheets, video courses, or checklists might be a HOW.

We want the why. That is where the juicy bit is. It is what makes you special. For me, I am about inspiring others to find joy in their daily lives. I use recipes and other practical resources to do that. I’m special because I bring vibrancy, color, comfort, and connection into each of my posts and into my site. I like to say that when you come to my site you should feel like I just gave you a hug and a cup of coffee at my kitchen table while making you up one of my Grandma's cakes.

I also make sure to mention often that I am a Minnesota girl, the oldest of 10 kids, and the mom of older kids (15 & 20). These bits about my experiences in life are important in shaping my point of view of the world and giving me a relationship with my readers. These are the things a brand wants to hear you interweave into your blog. These are the things they can't hire a professional to duplicate.

Here's what I might say: Because I am the oldest of a giant family I learned at an early age how to cook practical, fast, inexpensive and tasty food for lots of people. I have a love for Norwegian culture, teenagers, and loud homes. The best part....I'm REALLY good at food photography. <--- gets me more pay when I work with brands.

Now, what makes YOU special? Do you know immediately without having to hurt your brain? Kudo’s. Congrats. Hooray. And all the words. That is awesome and you are already sooo far ahead of the game.

Maybe you don’t know your special thing or are struggling a bit on what to focus on. No worries. We are going to work that out.

If you are one of those that knows exactly what your special thing is will you do me a favor? Will you also work through this worksheet. Thanks!!


Your task is to work through the Unique Advantage Worksheet. I want your brain thinking about your blog in a new way, looking at it with new eyes, eyes a brand would be using. And getting ready to take your blog to a place where brands are lining up to work with you.

Someplace that makes you moolah!

If you feel like you might have your unique advantage figured out email me and let me know what it is, your name, and your blog. I’ll be heading to your site to see if what I think it is lines up with what you want it to be.

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