Pinterest Pins that Win in 2019. (easy tips, examples, and video)

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    Creating pins that win on Pinterest can seem daunting and a bit of a crap shoot. But, you CAN have success. These are the strategies that are currently winning on NellieBellie’s Pinterest page to the tune of 4.4 MILLION viewers each month.

    See below for examples of pins we are having success with…

    1. Use the correct size.

      Pinterest wants 2:3 sizes. But, that can be tall or short. Frankly, we use a combo of sized pins to see what works. We have found that 700 x 1550 seems to work the best. But, test out a few other sizes to see what works in your niche.

    2. Crop your photo tight.

      This works especially well on mobile because those photos that are cropped are easier to identify on a smaller screen. Easier pins to identify and read will result in more clicks, re-pins, and saves. It may seem a bit strange, especially to photographers, to “butcher” a perfectly good photo but trust me…it works. And again…test, test, test.

    3. Use a single scripty font in big letters.

      I have zero idea why this is working but guess that it is because of mobile, again. On mobile, a scripty font is fun but also easy to read when it’s big. The name of the game here is to keep it to one single word, if possible. And resist the urge to mess with colors. Black is the easiest to read.

    4. Keep the colors simple!

      I get how tempting it is to make pins “pretty” but resist that urge. Keep your text and colors simple, simple, simple! In fact, black and white is what we have been finding to be winning, the most. If you must, stick with a single color.

    5. Pinterest is a search engine.

      Above all else, remember that Pinterest is a visual search engine and writing the copy for your pins is as important IF NOT MORE SO then those images. Be sure to use keywords strategically, to help the user find your pin. And pick 1 or 2 well-chosen hashtags.

      Good luck!! You got this.

      Oh, a quick tip if you use Canva… utilize a template. Make a pin you love and then just copy and repeat with a different image and wording. Stick to what works!

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    And a quick video to show you how I make my pins….

    spinach pesto pin.jpg
    earth day cookies pin3.jpg