How to Know If Your Blog Is a Hobby Or Business.

Hey there! Today I'm touching on a topic that I frequently talk about with my one on one blogging growth you have a hobby or a business?

First, there is NOTHING wrong with having a hobby blog or side hustle. Nothing. Nada. Nope. Don't freaking apologize. Just stop. Own that hard work you are doing!

I can't even count anymore the number of times someone apologetically mentions that they sell a product, or have a blog (when they hear I'm a pro-blogger). Like it's a dirty word to have an online gig. 

There is nothing wrong with earning extra income for your family. 

Heck, there is nothing wrong with NOT earning income and just doing it because you like it.

What's more, there are plenty of hobbyist that PAY tons of money to play. 

Stop apologizing, please. 

That being said, it is necessary to know if you have a hobby, a possible business, or a full-fledged business. Knowing where you stand is vital to knowing how to move forward.

So, lets go over what you need to be doing in order to consider your hobby blog or MLM a business (either right now or in the future)...

  1. Consistent, repeatable income. 
    You have to be making money on a consistent basis and in a way that you can repeat again and again. I usually tell bloggers that I want to see 6 months of consistent income and that they can spell out for me how they made it and will make it again. 
  2. Scale able income.
    Can you identify exactly how you can make MORE income? Do you know how to grow or are you "hoping" that you'll make more. A hope isn't going to get the job done. You need to have actionable steps to take to repeat and increase your income. Sorry guys, making money is what a business does. It just is.
  3. A decent hourly wage.
    This one is a bit harder because I need to first guarantee that you aren't chasing squirrel's or doing busy work. If you are doing actual, money-making high value tasks...what would your hourly wage be? Right?!? Either that made you excited or made you want to crawl into a hole. I want you to be making what, to you, is a decent hourly wage before you decide to treat your hobby or side hustle as a business.

Don't you DARE be discouraged or stop writing your blog or selling your product simply because you don't find yourself meeting any of these. 

I already mentioned that having a side-hustle or hobby is nothing to sneeze about. If you love it, or like it, keep doing it! 

Are you wanting to turn your blog into a business? Then work on being able to do each of these items. Don't stop. Just be honest with yourself so you can make the right choices for the success you want. Start working on consistent income, brainstorm ideas to scale that income, and work on getting your hourly wage to a competitive number. You got this!

If you are a hobby blogger and are looking for a way to make a bit of cash...try sponsored content! For real, I totally built my blog into a full-scale business off of it. I'm a huge fan! 

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